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BRT-802Sound Switch with Potentiometer Adjustable

date:2017-08-16 09:22

  BRT-802 is a timer switch integrated with a sound sensor. It automatically turns on the load when

  the sound level is above a preset threshold and keeps the load on until a delay-off time runs out. 

  It is designed for easy installation and retrofit directly fit into standard wall box with no need for

  the neutral.

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  • Loads up to 150W;

    Adjustable delay-off time from 10 seconds to 15 minutes;

    Ambient light override. Automatically measures the ambient light level and there is no sound

    trigger on when brightness is above a threshold which is adjustable by end users;

    Good for all kinds of loads (an additional adapter required for capacitive lights such as CFL);

    ABS-V0 flame resistance material; and

    Classical 86 series design and high quality build.

  •   Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 show the front view and the back view of BRT-802 timer switch respectively.


      The switch has a sound detector and a light detector on the front tuning screws for setting up

      delay-off time and ambient light override on two sides and terminal blocks for wiring on the back.

  •   BRT-802 timer switch only requires two wires for installation:

                  Hot wire (ACL):        Coming from the power line with 220V; and

                  Load wire:                Going to the load.



      Warning: Please make sure power is turned off before starting installation!


      Fig. 3 shows the wiring diagram and Fig. 4 shows the step-by-step installation instructions. There

      are three easy steps:

                 Step one:        Use a screwdriver to pry off the front plate in position A;

                 Step two:       Wiring according to the diagram and the labelled ports of the switch; and

                 Step three:     Install screws and front plate.


  • Once properly wired BRT-802 timer switch needs two adjustments for the first time operation: set

      up the delay-off time and set up the ambient light override.


      1.    Adjust the delay-off time

      There is a tuning screw on one side of BRT-802 timer switch. Use a crew driver to tune this screw

      to adjust the delay-off time as shown in Fig. 5. The delay-off time can be set from 10s to 15



      2.    Adjust the ambient light brightness threshold

      There is a tuning screw on another side of the switch. Use a crew driver to tune this screw to

      adjust the ambient light override threshold brightness as shown in Fig. 6.


      Please note that BRT-802 timer switch needs 2 minute warm-up time before it can work normally.

      And it is recommended that the switch not be used in noisy environment.

  •   BRT-802 timer switch can be used for automatically turning on and turning off various loads on

      sound triggers. It is perfect for saving energy and bringing convenience and safety to our daily life

      and work. It has wide applications at various locations such as balcony stairwell washroom and

      other public places.

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