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u307c WiFi Delay-off PIR Switch

date:2017-08-25 15:32

u307C is a WiFi ceiling mount PIR which used to control power ON/OFF with time delay. Brightness and time delay can be set according to the requirement of customers. When someone enters the detecting zone the PIR switch can sensing the passive infrared of human body turn on the light and turn off the light with time delay.

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  • Uses Passive Infrared (PIR) enhanced detection technology via a segmented Fresnel lens

    Ceiling mount and with L/N line inputs;

    Ambient-light override option (no switching lights ON when there's sufficient sunlight) and the override level can be set by the user;

    Smartphone direct control or Auto ON and Auto OFF with a delay

    Good for all types of loads




             Fig.1 u307C WiFi Delay-off PIR Switch Controlled Directly by a Smartphone


    without distance limited control;

    Colorful touch screen display with friendly user interface;

    Bi-directional communication with real time display of device status; and

    Smartphone as the control device and no need for additional remote controls.

  • Please check the front view and back view of u307C WiFi Ceiling Mount Delay-off PIR Switch.
  • Usually u307C WiFi Delay-off PIR Switch has two ways of installation. Please check it as Fig5 and Fig 6.

    Method one: Drill two screw holes in the ceiling and fix the housing onto the ceiling using two screws. The switch can be fit into the housing easily. (Show as Fig.5)

    Method two: Make a hole of 68mm in diameter straighten the spring loaded levers insert the switch into the hole and the switch can be held against the ceiling. (Show as Fig.6)



                                                    Fig. 5                                                                                  Fig. 6


    Smartphone Interface Installation and Operation

    Download Smartphone APK after installing u307C WiFi Delay-off PIR Switch



  • 1. Download an Android APK and launch the program. A password matching the WiFi Delay-off PIR Switch needs to be entered for the first sign-in. See above Fig. a.

    2. Once the password is confirmed and gain access to the load type selection interface click to select the right load type to be controlled. See above Fig. b.

    3. Once load type is selected and enters the control interface click the icon to control the load. See above Fig. c.

  • Once connect an u307C WiFi PIR Delay-off Switch home appliances or other electronic equipments are not only controllable by a Smartphone but also can have their operation status displayed by a smart phone. It can control many kinds of appliances such as Water Heater Television Fan Ventilator Air conditioner Desk lamp Floor Light etc. Fig. 4 shows typical applications of u307C WiFi Delay-off PIR Switch.





     Fig. 4

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